I’m certified in interior decorating and redesign, color consultation, and home staging. I also provide organizing services. I’ve always been passionate about design, and been the go to for helping family and friends in creating their ideal spaces. I find myself frequently rearranging furniture and redecorating in my home, as well as in my mind, mentally making over rooms everywhere I go (most days I feel like I live in an HGTV show!)

My former roles as therapist and teacher, and current, most favorite role of mom to a teenage son, have helped build the client centered approach I use, my ability to really listen to and understand your needs, as well as the strong skills to coordinate and manage projects efficiently. The partnership I form with you is judgment free…whether you have minimal funds to style your living spaces, or your household is overrun by “stuff”, I understand. There are emotions behind a lack of organization, and difficulty in letting go of specific personal items. Sometimes what we once viewed as treasures, collected over time, become burdens, and life tends to get in the way, making it hard to stay on top of all those “to do” lists. My role, with your confidence and trust, is to help implement household changes which will bring you peace and calm.

Organization and design aren’t about perfection, they’re about function and intention. I want you to feel empowered and grow more mindful by the end of our projects.

So if you need to simplify and reclaim unusable space, reduce the load prior to moving or downsizing, create a fresh look after feeling stagnant, or prepare to sell your home, I’m here to guide you through that process, while respecting your budget and lifestyle. Your home should be your haven, and you deserve to feel joy walking through the front door every single day.